Audit: Jefferson Twp. kept paying worker who quit, made financial errors in 2021

State issues finding for recovery of misspent money against former worker, township leaders

An audit by the State of Ohio revealed that Jefferson Twp. overpaid an employee more than $2,000 after she resigned from the Montgomery County jurisdiction, and also made multiple financial statement errors in 2021.

The Ohio Auditor’s Office reported the township’s former administrative assistant, Adrianne Jones, was paid through May 27, 2021, despite resigning on April 16, 2021. She was paid $2,061 that could not be substantiated, according to the report.

The state noted Steve Woolf, the former township administrator, was responsible for making sure Jones was removed from payroll following her resignation and that Trustee Mike McLaughlin and former Trustees James McGuire and Roy Mann Sr. approved the payroll. The state issued a “finding for recovery” of the $2,061 against Jones, and also issued findings against the four township officials.

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In an addition to the overpayment, the state issued a finding over eight specific financial statement errors, calling them a “material weakness” in the township’s audit, showing “a lack of adequate controls.”

The errors ranged from failing to properly record the lease-purchase agreement for a fire department pumper truck, leading to a $300,000 error, improperly classifying two debt service payments, and improperly posting multiple receipts.

“The township should establish and implement procedures to verify the completeness and accuracy of the township’s financial statements,” the audit read. “Someone independent of the financial statement preparation process should review them for completeness and accuracy.”

In the area of the audit where the local jurisdiction’s response is generally found, the Auditor’s Office stated they did not receive a response from Jefferson Twp. officials.

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