Brookville overpaid contracted treasurer, according to state audit

Tiffany Hiser is the executive director of the School Resource Center, which offers financial services to the public sector.

The Brookville Local School District made a $1,903 overpayment for treasurer’s services from on contract from the Shared Resource Center, according to the district’s 2020-21 audit, which the Ohio Auditor of State released Thursday.

The state audit issued a finding for recovery of $1,903 against the Shared Resource Center, which was in the odd position of both overseeing district finances, via the treasurer role, but also receiving the overpayment. The SRC has corrected the issue, by crediting that amount to Brookville Schools on their December invoice, according to the audit.

Nick Martin, the new full-time treasurer for Brookville Schools, said the SRC typically bills schools a higher percentage for benefits than Brookville Schools negotiated in their contract. Brookville paid the invoices, but the overpayment wasn’t noticed until later.

The SRC is an agency that offers a range of financial services to local schools and cities. Oakwood, Fairborn, Franklin, Kettering, Mad River and West Carrollton school districts have all had deals with the SRC for other duties, according to a survey of 14 schools done by the Dayton Daily News earlier this year.

Tiffany Hiser is the executive director of the SRC, and her contract with Brookville Schools expires in July. She was contracted with Brookville Schools and expected to earn $133,975 between July 1, 2020 and July 30, 2021 for salary and benefits. Martin said Hiser had an exit plan in place before the audit because she was taking on another role at the SRC.

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Martin was named treasurer in January but began working with the district on Dec. 1. Hiser’s last day with the district was Dec. 31, 2021.

In the audit document, Brookville Schools said they would, “continue to review all invoices for accuracy before payment.” Martin said the office went over the protocols for reviewing invoices with staff but did not change any of the protocols.

Staff writer Nick Blizzard contributed to this report.

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