CareSource offers Ohio members at-home opioid drug disposal solution

CareSource has announced a partnership with DisposeRx, an at-home, eco-friendly medication disposal service.

CareSource said in a press release that the partnership is part of its commitment to prevent opioid misuse, accidental poisonings and drug overdoses. This partnership will allow members and caregivers peace of mind by disposing of medications that are no longer needed, CareSource said.

The packets have a blend of materials that allow unused or expired medications to be disposed of safely. Patients or members just add water and the DisposeRx powder to their medication in the prescription bottle and shake for 30 seconds.

This addition will chemically and physically sequester the medication’s active ingredients in a viscous polymer gel made from materials FDA-approved for oral medications helping to neutralize the effects of the medications and renders it unusable, CareSource said.

CareSource currently offers DisposeRx at-home medication packets to Ohio members and also plans to expand the availability to their other markets throughout the year. CareSource Ohio members do not need a prescription to obtain DisposeRx.

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