CDC: Salami sticks sold at Trader Joe’s tied to salmonella outbreak

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a Food Safety Alert, warning people not to eat, sell or serve a brand of salami sticks sold at Trader Joe’s and other grocery stores that were linked to a salmonella outbreak.

Citterio brand Premium Italian-Style Salame Sticks were sold at Trader Joe’s, Wegmans and possibly other grocery stores, the CDC said.

The CDC also said this outbreak is particularly concerning because most of the reported illnesses are in people younger than 18.

If you have any of the affected salami sticks, the CDC said to throw them away, and wash items and containers that have touched them in hot soapy water or in a dishwasher.

Illnesses have been reported in eight states, but the CDC said the actual number of sick people is likely much higher as many people recover from salmonella infections without medical care and are not tested.

Symptoms of a severe salmonella infection include diarrhea and a fever higher than 102 degrees, diarrhea for more than three days that is not improving, bloody diarrhea, vomiting so much you can’t keep liquids down and dehydration symptoms like dry mouth and throat and feeling dizzy when standing up.

Anyone experiencing severe salmonella symptoms should call their healthcare provider.

Symptoms usually start six hours to six days after ingesting the bacteria, and most people recover without treatment after four to seven days.

People at a higher risk of severe illness include children under 5 years, adults 65 and older and people with weakened immune systems.

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