Community Gem: Team promotes good news, raises donations in Dayton

Andrae Manuel has been an instrumental part of the Good News Friday project, which has highlighted the good in the community and raised money for local causes in the process.

Good News Friday, through online live shows on Facebook and podcasts, has invited residents to join a movement to celebrate good in the community and good news from elsewhere in the world.

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“Everybody can use good news taking place during this terrible year,” Manuel said. “We started during the pandemic trying to bring good vibes to people who might be hard time.”

Manuel said it started with his cousin Galen Curry, who would have a weekly Facebook post and to talk about good news big and small.

“We started to realize that people really enjoyed not only talking about their lives, but seeing everybody else’s good news,” he said.

From there they took it into a podcast to highlight the good and interesting stories from the week.

“We look for people that are doing positive things in the community and highlight them,” said Curry, who nominated Manuel as a Community Gem.

While Curry nominated Manuel as a Community Gem, they both highlighted the work of the other and described it as a team effort.

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Beyond that, they’ve used the platform to raise money and have donated more than $1500 dollars to local organizations, such as the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Manuel, who is born and raised in Dayton, coaches football with Chaminade Julienne, said his family also runs a martial arts school that does a lot of community work and he credited the martial arts school for giving him and Curry their foundation of community service.

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