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The Dayton Daily News wants to hear from readers who have news or article suggestions. Choose one of the contacts below based on your news tip.

For questions or concerns about news articles or photos, please call 937-610-7502.

To submit general news:

To report breaking news or news brief:

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For automotive news and sales: or call 937-610-7325.

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Advertising (Digital and Print inquiries)

Visit us at our Cox First Media page.


Visit us at Dayton Daily News Classifieds

Phone: 937-610-7301

To place an ad online: visit our page to Place Ads


Legal Advertising:

Phone: 937-610-7307

Fax: 678-645-9172

Email Legal here


Visit us at our Obituaries page.

Phone: 937-610-7309

Employment Advertising:

Visit us at our Cox First Media page.

Phone: 937-610-7482

Real Estate Advertising:

Visit us at our Homes page.

Phone: 937-610-7550

Media Inquiries

If you are a journalist preparing a news story about the Dayton Daily News, please contact Allison Swanson.

Employment Verification

Verify Job System is the authorized provider of employment verification services.

To verify employment for one of our employees, please visit our verify page or call 800-800-4857 and utilize the Cox Company Code (7220).

Leadership Team

Publisher: Suzanne Klopfenstein,

Chief Content Officer and Editor: Ashley Bethard,

Controller: Dave Dashewich,

Senior Human Resource Business Partner: Damon Woods,

Senior Director of Sales: Amy Houghtling,

Director of Audience: Barbara Kedziora,