Council objective: Harmony with Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Maryland company kicks off work with Wright-Patterson Council of Governments

A Maryland design company will be used to help Dayton-area communities support and work with Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio’s largest single-site employer.

Matrix Design Group will draft dual reports for the new Wright-Patterson Council of Governments — a compatibility use plan designed to ensure that local development doesn’t interfere with the base’s mission and a military installation resiliency plan meant to examine natural and manmade factors that might impede the base and its working population of more than 30,000 people.

Pentagon leaders increasingly value community support of military installations and can make decisions about where to locate missions accordingly, Wright-Patterson advocates have long noted.

Credit: Air Force Materiel Command

Credit: Air Force Materiel Command

The council received a federal grant of about $350,000 to develop a compatibility use plan.

“We need each other,” said Celeste Werner, Matrix chief of strategic development. “We need to highlight that.”

“What happens just outside the (Wright-Patterson) fence line is just as important as what happens inside the fence,” said Rob Anderson, Fairborn city manager and chairman of the Wright-Patterson Council of Governments.

In April, Wright-Patterson offered its own updated “Air Installations Compatible Use Zones” or “AICUZ” study, meant to guide nearby cities on the kind of urban development that works best with military air installations.

The council is among the newest, if not the newest, municipal governments in Ohio. It can pass laws and spend money much like other municipal governance bodies.

Each community or organization on the council gets one vote. Dayton, Huber Heights, Fairborn, Bath Twp.-Greene County, Riverside and Beavercreek are represented on the body. Dave Burrows, Dayton Development Coalition vice president of engagement, also sits on the council.

Matrix offers clients development and planning services, consulting with governments and others.

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