COVID daily hospitalizations still above Ohio’s 21-day average

As coronavirus cases continue to decrease in Ohio, the state’s daily hospitalizations continue to stay above its 21-day average.

Ohio reported 145 COVID daily hospitalizations on Wednesday, a drop from the 21-day high of 204 reported Tuesday. However, Wednesday’s number was still above the 21-day average of 121, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

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In the last three weeks, Ohio has recorded more than 100 daily hospitalizations 14 times.

Since the pandemic has started, the state has reported 56,991 hospitalizations.

ICU admissions were also slightly above Ohio’s 21-day average. Eighteen admissions were reported Wednesday compared to the average of 14 a day.

As of Wednesday, 1,134 COVID patients were hospitalized in Ohio, according to ODH.

Daily cases are still showing signs of a decrease in the state. Ohio recorded 1,450 cases in the last day, bringing its total to 1,078,734.

While it’s up from the 1,285 daily cases reported on Tuesday, it’s still fewer than the state’s 21-day average of 1,561 cases a day.

More than 4,757,000 people in Ohio have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine as of Wednesday and 3,940,504 people have finished the vaccine.

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