Dayton-Kettering ranked among best metro areas for minority-owned businesses

The cities of Dayton and Kettering comprise of one of the top 10 best metro areas for minority entrepreneurs, according to a new ranking., a financial services web site, has “Dayton-Kettering OH” placing at No. 8 on a national ranking, below Madison, Wisc. but above Knoxville, Tenn.

“Conveniently close to Indianapolis, Columbus, and Cincinnati, the Dayton-Kettering metro area has long been known as a center of industry, innovation, and manufacturing,” the web site said in a story posted last week. “More recently, however, it has seen a transition towards service-related businesses.”

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The report adds: “Dayton’s downtown area has been experiencing a revival, and it’s a busy place for business owners to share unique foods, services, and goods as young people and families are calling the Dayton-Kettering area home. This location also scored high for percentage of minority-owned businesses and equity of minorities.”

As attributes for minority-owned businesses, the report has Dayton-Kettering scoring this way:

  • Percentage of minority-owned businesses – 5 stars
  • Sales from minority-owned businesses – 3 stars
  • Immigrant population – 1 star
  • Revenue growth for people of color – 5 stars
  • Inclusion of minorities – 3 stars
  • Equity of minorities – 4 stars
  • Diversity of population – 3 stars
  • Prosperity among minority population – 2 stars

The site said it focused on these eight attributes in cities of less than 1 million residents.

The web site also interviewed Dr. Karen Townsend, of KTownsend Counseling.

“In Dayton, Ohio where I live, the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce has been an excellent resource for me,” she is quoted as saying. “In addition to traditional chamber services, our chamber has a Minority Business Partnership Program.”

“This is an outstanding recognition and a direct result of a community coming together around a collective vision to support MBEs (minority business enterprises),” said Chris Kershner, president and chief executive of the chamber.

“The Dayton region has resources, committed partners and an environment that truly wants MBEs/WBEs (Women-owned business enterprises) to succeed,” Kershner added.

“Fostering diversity in business ownership everywhere is an important part of building strong communities,” the site said. “But if you’re a minority business owner looking for promising places to explore or expand — or if you just want to know how America is doing at creating supportive environments for minority-owned businesses — it can be helpful to know which locations are excelling in this regard.”

The report can be read here.

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