Dayton woman sentenced to prison in connection to overdose death

A Dayton woman was sentenced to six years in prison for drug and ammunition charges connected to a drug overdose death.

Tarra R. Geiger, 34, was accused of conspiring to possess with intent to distribute carfentanil, fentanyl and heroin and for illegally possessing ammunition as a convicted felon, according to the U.S. Southern District of Ohio.

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Geiger is the co-defendant in a case involving Myron Baker, a Dayton man previously sentenced to 24 years for selling opioids that results in one deadly overdose and multiple non-fatal overdoses.

Geiger and Baker allegedly conspired with others to get opioids and sell them in Dayton and Gallipolis.

In March 2017, two people bought what they believed was heroin from the co-conspirators in Trotwood, but the substance contained carfentanil, according to the U.S. Southern District of Ohio. Both overdosed after parking at a Dayton-area restaurant and doing the drugs. One of them could not be revived and was pronounced dead the next morning.

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