Dog fighting in the Dayton region: 5 things to know from our investigation

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The sad story of a pit bull who died days after being rescued in Trotwood has raised concerns about dog fighting in the region. Reporter Aimee Hancock looked into the issue of dog fighting in the Dayton region, and reported her findings in this story.

Here are five thing to know about the issue:

1. A good boy: Brunson was a 9-year-old pittie rescued from the streets of Trotwood and adopted by a woman named Kristen Tilton who gave him the best life she could. In photos and her stories, he comes across as a sweet pup despite the trauma he suffered. He died from his injuries within a week.

2. A tragic tale: Brunson had scars and injuries suggesting he may have been used in dog fighting – possibly as a “bait dog” to teach other dogs to attack and kill. The local humane society traced an implanted chip in the dog to a man who had previously been investigated for dog fighting.

3. Our investigation: Tilton reached out to us through the Dayton Daily News Investigates Facebook page. After we spoke to her and heard Bruson’s story — and saw photos and video of the dog — we decided to look into how prevalent dog fighting is in the region.

Credit: Hancock, Aimee (COP-Dayton)

Credit: Hancock, Aimee (COP-Dayton)

4. What we found: People are under the impression that there isn’t dog fighting in Dayton, because arrests are rare. But local law enforcement and animal rights groups say it is indeed occurring but rarely prosecuted because it’s difficult to gather sufficient evidence to bring a case.

5. Advocating change: Go here to read the full investigation from reporter Aimee Hancock, including Brunson’s story, more on how dog fighting rings reportedly operate in the region, and an effort to strengthen the laws.

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