Downtown Wright Brothers sculpture moved from RiverScape area



The Wright Flyer III sculpture across the street from RiverScape MetroPark, a destination for tourist photos and locals honoring Dayton’s contribution to flight, is being moved to a new location.

Steve Brown, a partner at Brown and Bills Architects, designed and installed the monument back in the early 2000s and was on hand Friday for the first part of its move. The sculpture will eventually be placed near the Third Street Bridge, but, for now, the plan is to keep it at an undisclosed storage location.

Brown said there’s a new owner of the land where the sculpture’s been for years and they plan to build a six-story apartment complex.

The sculpture is of Orville and Wilbur Wright’s first flight with the Wright Flyer III. Brown said the aircraft was described as the first practical airplane and was flown in the first extended flight of the pair.



Brown said that while the sculpture may lose some foot traffic because of the move, there’s a parking lot next to the area where the sculpture will be located, and other monuments will be in the area with it.

“There are opportunities for people to get out and walk up to it and do photographs and enjoy it,” Brown said.

Brown said it was important to him to be personally involved in the process of the move. He wanted to make sure that it was being taken care of properly and that it is still something that people will be able to appreciate for the years to come.

Brown said it is important for Dayton to recognize its contribution to aviation.

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