ELECTION 2023: Milton-Union asks for additional funds to stop deficit spending

Deficit spending has resulted in low reserves; district asks for additional funds.

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

Milton-Union is asking for a 7.62-mill emergency levy that would bring in $2 million per year for seven years. It would cost an additional $267 per $100,000 in property tax valuation per year.

According to Milton-Union’s five-year forecast submitted last spring, the district spent into the red last school year by roughly $700,000. Milton-Union expects to spend about $1.8 million into the red this year and projects the deficit to continue to grow if trends continue. While Milton-Union has about $10 million in reserve as of this school year, the district projects running out of money in 2025-2026.

Milton-Union officials said if passed, the emergency levy will result in new operating dollars for the district, meaning it would go towards the daily operations of the school district. If passed, this will be the first new money operating levy approved by school district voters since November 2003.

In Ohio, emergency levies do not mean the school is in fiscal distress. It is simply the technical name for a levy that generates a fixed amount of money each year.

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