ELECTION 2023: Yellow Springs seeks funds to renovate school buildings

Yellow Springs is asking for a 7.9-mill, $26.3 million levy over 37 years, 1% income tax levy.

Yellow Springs is asking for a 7.9-mill, $26.3 million levy over 37 years and a 1% income tax levy to build new school buildings. The property tax would cost $277 per $100,000 in property value. The income tax would be $500 per $50,000 in taxable income.

Yellow Springs last asked voters for new building money in 2021, but voters rejected the $18.5 million levy by 63%.

Yellow Springs says it plans to renovate the existing Mills Lawn Elementary School and the existing high school and add onto the existing buildings. The project will cost an estimated $55 million, but because the district has some Ohio Facilities Construction Commission money, the local share is about $46 million.

In 2021, the district proposed moving all grades to the high school building, but many in the village became concerned about what would happen to Mills Lawn, which is a green space in the middle of the village.

Some voters on social media have said they will vote against the levy because of the rising cost of living in Yellow Springs, which has become an increasingly contentious topic for some residents.

Corina Denny, the district’s spokeswoman, said if the levy fails, the board will decide next steps.

The district also has a $152,000, 1.2-mill, $30 per $100,000 renewal levy on the ballot, which is a continuing levy and goes towards operating expenses and is unrelated to the school building levy.

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