Englewood vice mayor calls for resignation of council member

Englewood Vice Mayor Brad Daugherty called for the resignation of Councilman Darren Sawmiller last week for what Daugherty described as “troubling behavior.”

Daugherty described an audio recording he listened to where he said Sawmiller allegedly used “appalling language.”

Daugherty did not mince words when speaking on the subject during the Sept. 26 city council meeting, claiming Sawmiller lacks the “ethics and integrity” necessary to effectively carry out his duties on council.

Daugherty introduced the issue as “new business” with four minutes left in the Tuesday session.

“I want the record to be clear: I do not support Councilmember Darren Sawmiller,” he said.

Mayor Thomas Franz said he was “stunned” before asking Sawmiller if he would like to respond.

Sawmiller declined to comment during the meeting, citing a pending court custody case. He has not resigned from his council seat.

“Under the current situation, your honor, there is an open case about a custody situation, and I’m not at legal action to say, to speak, about anything until it’s done,” Sawmiller said.

The Dayton Daily News could not reach Sawmiller for comment.

In response to a public record request for the recording, an official said the city of Englewood does not have possession of the audio to disseminate.

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