Final Lebanon yard waste drop-off is Saturday

As a service to Lebanon citizens, the city will offer its final yard waste drop-off day for 2021 today from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Municipal Service Complex, 580 W. Main St.

The following items are considered “yard waste:” dead flowers and plants; pruned branches and stems; wood shavings; roots, brush, shrubs, grass and clippings.

Residents can drop-off yard waste by entering the complex at the driveway with the Municipal Service Complex sign. The dumpsters will be placed in the open area next to the salt dome. Place your yard waste in the dumpsters.

Rumpke will also collect your yard waste as part of your curbside service. Any pruned branches/stems or tree limbs will need to be bundled into four-foot sections and any other yard waste will need to be placed in garbage bags and set at the curb on your normal trash day collection. Questions? Contact the Service Department at 513-933-7200.