‘Good health and family’; Locals share what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving season

Thanksgiving has area people thinking about what’s important in life, along with what they’re most thankful for this time of year.

“I’m just thankful for family and health and our nation,” said Katy Hazen, a native of Springfield.

Jack Lilienthal of Springfield said he was thankful for freedom.

Rick and Betsy Brunner of Vandalia attended St. Joseph Catholic Church on Sunday.

“I’m thankful for family, for having God in my life, for health, and this wonderful man next to me,” Betsy said. Rick said he was thankful for the same things and thankful for Betsy.

Many Dayton residents said they’re thankful for family being able to visit.

“I got my grandkids coming in town from out of town,” said Todd Clingman of Dayton.

Others said they were thankful for life and for their hopes for the future.

“I’m thankful for the day that I get a house and the day that I get a car and the day that everything’s paid for ,” said Treeh Million of Dayton. “I’m thankful for that one day I’ll make it on to the TV.”

Rylan Williams said he was thankful for his family “and all the joy they bring me.”

“I’m thankful for the chance to do this Waffle Shop event again,” said Terry Murray of Dayton. The Waffle Shop event is an annual event at Christ Episcopal Church, during which volunteers sold waffle lunches to raise funds for grants for local organizations. “It’s just an incredible experience that I feel so lucky and thankful for to be a part of. Also thankful for the beauty of the world and everything that goes with it.”

Len Roberts of Dayton said he was thankful for his mother.

“She’s had significant health issues, but she’s doing fine,” Roberts said.

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