Great Dane alerts owner after dog falls off cliff in Trotwood, fire chief says

Firefighters launched a boat Thursday morning to rescue a small dog that fell off a cliff at Madison Lakes Park in Trotwood.

“We found the dog about 15, 20 feet down the cliff sitting on a rock,” said Trotwood Fire Chief Richard Haacke.

The dog was discovered after the owner of a Great Dane heard the dog barking at the top of the cliff at the park across the street in the 500 block of Olive Road, rescuers said.

The chief said it appeared the two dogs were playing, “and she just slid down the cliff.”

The small brown dog at first growled at her rescuers, but was lured by dog treats provided by Dayton Daily News photographer Marshall Gorby.

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“She was unhurt and she was happy and now wants to be part of the fire department,” Haacke said.

The dog had a collar with identification, so the fire department said they would return her to her owners.

It happens about once a year that the fire department has to launch a boat to rescue a dog either at Madison Lake or Wolf Creek, Haacke said.

Credit: Marshall Gorby

Credit: Marshall Gorby

Credit: Marshall Gorby

Credit: Marshall Gorby

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