Greene County Democrats to move headquarters from Xenia to Fairborn

Political group leaving 20-year home in downtown Xenia, citing issues with building, better fit on Fairborn’s Main Street

The Greene County Democratic Party is moving its headquarters office to Fairborn after nearly 20 years in downtown Xenia, the party said last week.

Greene County Democrats will occupy the corner location at 440 West Main Street in Fairborn near The Neighborhood Nest, African Utopia Boutique, and The Main House Events, Ltd.

Democratic Chair Kim McCarthy said there were several reasons that went into the move, including necessary renovations to their existing building, and the city of Fairborn’s “great” efforts to revitalize their downtown area.

“There were initial feelings of disappointment at losing our prime location. But we decided to see this as an opportunity to look at our options and to seek out the best location for our party in 2023. We want to be in a Greene County community that is progressive, and vibrant, with working-class folks who support our values. Fairborn fit those bills,” McCarthy said.

Additionally, the party wanted to be in a location that was locally owned, McCarthy said.

“We want to spend our dollars in a way that supports local businesses, instead of sending rent to an out-of-state landlord,” said McCarthy. “Sylvia Chess is engaged in the community and supportive of the small business environment there.”

The Greene County Democratic headquarters in Xenia has been the site of vandalism multiple times over the past few years. In April 2020, chunks of concrete were used to break the windows fronting South Detroit and West Main streets. Just over a month later, someone fired a gun at the front door and through the windows of the building at night, and in July 2021, a man was seen on security cameras throwing bricks through the windows again.

Despite this, the vandalism and potential safety concerns were not factors in the move, McCarthy said.

“The violence that occurred did not factor into the decision at all. No one brought it up in discussion,” she said.

Financial savings from the move will be directed towards outreach and community events around the county, McCarthy said, as well as participating in Fairborn events like the July 4th parade and the Sweet Corn festival.

Greene County Democrats will host a “Housewarming and Member Mingle” event on April 14 at 5 p.m., at 440 W. Main St, Fairborn.

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