Greene County opens cooling centers due to heat

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Credit: DaytonDailyNews

With heat indexes expected to reach up to 105 degrees today, Greene County Public Health released a list of cooling centers to help people get out of the heat.

Cooling centers include:

  • Beavercreek Senior Center: 3868 Dayton Xenia Road, Beavercreek. 937-426-6166
  • Fairborn Community Library: 1 E. Main St., Fairborn. 937-878-9383
  • Fairborn Senior Center: 325 N. Third St., Fairborn. 937-878-4141
  • Jamestown Community Library: 86 Seaman Drive, Jamestown. 937-352-4005
  • Yellow Springs Senior Center: 227 Xenia Ave., Yellow Springs. 937-767-5751
  • Winters-Bellbrook Community Library: 57 W. Franklin St., Bellbrook. 937-352-4004
  • Beavercreek Community Library: 3618 Dayton Xenia Road, Beavercreek. 937-352-4001
  • Xenia Community Library: 76 E. Market St., Xenia. 937-352-4000.
  • Cedarville Community Library: 20 S. Miller St., Cedarville. 937-352-4006
  • Yellow Springs Community Library: 415 Xenia Ave., Yellow Springs. 937-352-4003
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The National Weather Service in Wilmington issued a Heat Advisory for the Miami Valley region, including Greene County, until 9 p.m. today. Greene County Public Health encouraged people to stay aware of how they’re feeling, especially those with prolonged exposure to heat and physical exertion.

Residents should pay attention to the following:

  • Drink plenty of water and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Decrease physical activity and try to exercise early in the morning or in the early evening. Stay in the shade if possible.
  • Use air-conditioning if available.
  • Wear loose, lightweight and light-colored, cotton clothing.
  • Eat light meals.
  • Cool down with showers, baths and recreational swimming.
  • Adjust blinds, shades and awnings to keep out the sun.
  • Use your basement, if cool, during the hottest hours.
  • Use a circulating fan. If a fan is not bringing cooler air into the area, it may not help and can even increase heat stress.
  • Check on neighbors and those who may need assistance.
  • People with chronic health problems, such as heart disease or lung problems, should minimize activities to avoid additional stress.
  • Extra caution should be taken for the elderly, young children and infants to make sure they are protected from the heat.
  • Do not leave children or pets unattended in closed vehicles.
  • People on some medications should check with their doctor to see if the heat puts them at an increased risk.

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