Henny Penny moves forward on 30,000-square-foot Eaton expansion

New employee ‘well-being’ center will feature fitness space and clinic

Food preparation equipment manufacturer Henny Penny broke ground in Eaton recently for a building dedicated to the well-being of its employees.

With an expected completion date of late 2023, the nearly $10 million project will result in a 30,000-square-foot building, with spaces dedicated to employee well-being, featuring an expanded 3,500-square-foot clinic and a 4,000-square-foot fitness room.

The building will also have a a 17,000-square-foot multipurpose space for the company’s 1,000-plus employee-owners.

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“Its design and layout will support mental, physical, financial and social well-being, along with personal rejuvenation, growth, learning and collaboration,” Henny Penny said in a release last week.

“Henny Penny has enjoyed 65 years of success in what we do because of who we are,” said Rob Connelly, Henny Penny chairman and chief executive. “Our employee-owners have helped set us apart in our industry and made Henny Penny a thriving, special company. We have continued to plan with a long view and make decisions that invest in our people and our future, and I know we are better for it.”

This summer, Henny Penny announced the opening of a satellite office in downtown Dayton, in the Manhattan building off East Third Street.

Last year, the Preble County-based company completed a 150,000-square-foot expansion to its Eaton Building for additional manufacturing and engineering space. Before that, in 2014, the company completed a 45,000-square-foot addition to the Wagner Building.

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