Here’s how much tax value changed in Dayton-area communities in reappraisal; learn how to appeal

Rev. Wendell Oldham Jr. rakes leaves on his property on Goldengate Dr. in Centerville Monday Jan. 4, 2021. Property  owners will soon receive property tax bill for 2021 in the mail. JIM NOELKER/STAFF
Rev. Wendell Oldham Jr. rakes leaves on his property on Goldengate Dr. in Centerville Monday Jan. 4, 2021. Property owners will soon receive property tax bill for 2021 in the mail. JIM NOELKER/STAFF



Property taxes increased on more than half of Montgomery County’s residential parcels this year, a repercussion of a countywide reappraisal that saw property values climb by double digit percentages for a majority of owners.

“Draconian” is how Mark Tarjan described the 43% increase in value on the home he owns with his wife in Miami Twp.

“I usually don’t throw words like that around, but it seems a little extreme to me,” said Tarjan, whose annual tax bill on his 1,215-square-foot ranch home went up $1,043, or nearly 30%.

“It took me by surprise,” said the graphic artist now working from home due to the pandemic.

Tarjan is hardly alone.

He’s one of the 1,002 property owners who as of Thursday had filed a formal dispute with the county’s Board of Revision since final valuation notices and tax bills went out three weeks ago. Tentative values mailed out in August prompted owners of 4,021 parcels to ask the auditor for an informal review. Nearly half — 1,982 — resulted in the county decreasing the taxable value; 1,805 were unchanged; and 234 resulted in an increase.

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Montgomery County property tax changes, 2020-2021   
Montgomery County all tax authorities   
 2020 tax charge2021 tax chargeTotal value change
Cities and villages   
Tax authority2020 tax charge2021 tax chargeTotal value change
West Carrollton*$1,093,000$1,960,00014.8%
Huber Heights$2,782,000$3,104,00017.7%
New Lebanon$1,045,000$1,052,00014.9%
Cities and villages total$50,033,000$55,275,000 
Tax authority2020 tax charge2021 tax chargeTotal value change
Washington Twp.*$28,180,000$29,464,00013.5%
Miami Twp.$11,903,000$12,099,00013.4%
Jackson Twp.*$1,225,000$1,365,0009.5%
Butler Twp.$4,425,000$4,521,0009.3%
German Twp.*$1,923,000$1,998,00010.9%
Jefferson Twp. $2,427,000$2,446,0006.7%
Perry Twp. $1,016,000$1,032,0009.6%
Clay Twp.$1,464,000$1,479,0001.3%
Harrison Twp.$10,012,000$9,942,0007.8%
Townships total$62,709,000$64,642,000 
Tax authority2020 tax charge2021 tax chargeTotal value change
Centerville City Schools$96,337,000$100,452,00014.9%
Huber Heights City Schools$34,011,000$36,717,00017.4%
Miamisburg City Schools$40,223,000$42,648,00014.3%
Dayton City Schools$80,126,000$82,432,00010.0%
Valley View Local Schools*$6,808,000$8,372,00011.9%
Vandalia-Butler City Schools$27,839,000$29,356,00011.9%
Kettering City Schools$75,798,000$77,176,00015.1%
Miami Valley CTC$15,544,000$16,615,00013.2%
Northmont City Schools$35,188,000$35,915,00012.3%
Oakwood City Schools$25,324,000$25,990,00011.7%
Trotwood-Madison City Schools$10,389,000$10,716,00010.3%
West Carrollton City Schools$22,730,000$23,016,00015.2%
Brookville Local Schools$8,170,000$8,397,00010.6%
New Lebanon Local Schools$2,955,000$3,028,00010.4%
Northridge Local Schools$8,273,000$8,344,0006.5%
Jefferson Local Schools$2,966,000$3,020,0007.3%
Mad River Local Schools$11,314,000$11,263,00011.4%
Schools total$509,152,000$529,318,000 
Libraries, parks   
Tax authority2020 tax charge2021 tax charge 
Dayton Metro Library $20,874,000$22,253,000 
Wright Memorial Library*$442,000$945,000 
Five River Metroparks$18,305,000$18,549,000 
Washington Centerville Library $5,172,000$5,309,000 
Washington Township Park District $4,960,000$5,092,000 
Libraries total$26,489,000$28,507,000 
Parks total$23,266,000$23,641,000 
Tax authority2020 tax charge2021 tax charge 
Montgomery County General Fund$15,597,000$17,704,000 
Montgomery County Human Services $124,948,000$126,655,000 
Sinclair Community College$36,853,000$37,356,000 
Montgomery County ADAMHS$3,156,000$3,213,000

Property owners have until March 31 to file an appeal with the county’s Board of Revision.

“You would think given the level of increases that we saw that we would get a record number of appeals. But it’s too early to tell,” Keith said.

The county’s Board of Revision heard a record 7,688 cases in 2009 following the 2008 reappraisal. Residential values went up 4% just as homeowners were reeling from a market downturn now known as the Great Recession.

Jeff Spisak said the tax value of his family’s Washington Twp. home jumped 13.7% to $640,490. While that increase is less than the 15.5% average countywide, he said that’s still far higher than he could sell it for in his neighborhood.

“I couldn’t sell our house for $530,000, let alone $630,000,” he said.

Spisak said an appraiser he hired placed the home’s value at $500,000.

“I realize they’re down on their money, but if you keep jacking up the property values no one’s going to live here anymore and you’re going to end up with a bunch of vacant houses,” he said.

How to appeal your Montgomery County property value

Montgomery County property owners can formally dispute the new valuation by lodging a complaint by March 31 with the Board of Revision by visiting For more information about the process, homeowners can call the county’s Real Estate Assessment Department at 937-225-4326.

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