Hoax threat leads Thurgood Marshall HS in Dayton to shelter in place

Phone call to Montgomery County Sheriff, alleging a shooting, was a hoax

Dayton Public Schools said on social media Tuesday that Thurgood Marshall High School was placed in a brief “shelter in place” situation for about 11 minutes on Tuesday afternoon after a false 911 call reporting a shooting at the school.

Police responded immediately and found the call was a hoax.

In what was determined to be a false 911 phone call to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, a caller said a white male student brought a gun to the school and shot four students.

Shelter in place means that students and staff were ordered to stay in classrooms while police searched the school. The shelter in place began at 12:04 p.m. and was lifted at 12:15 p.m.

Also Tuesday, Clark County Sheriff deputies responded to Kenton Ridge High School after a false report of a shooting.

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