Huber Heights fishing lakes owner positions site for possible sale

Credit: Jan Underwood

Credit: Jan Underwood

The owner of more than 50 acres of land near Ohio 4 and Chambersburg Road appears to be positioning at least some of the land for a possible sale.

City of Huber Heights planners recently approved a request to split a lot at the southeast and northeast corners at that intersection, creating a pair of parcels.

The city’s Planning Commission approved the split earlier this month.

Part of the property is adjacent to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base property lines.

Huber Heights City Planner Aaron Sorrell said his understanding is that the owner of the site wishes to sell the southern fishing lakes there, south of Chambersburg. But he also cautioned that he has not spoken with the owner. His conversations have been with a surveyor who has worked at the site.

Attempts to reach Ross Childers, of Rockford, Ohio’s KCR Lakes Inc., have not been successful. No one answered the phone at Rainbow Lakes Tuesday afternoon.

City documents confirm that Childers requested approval of a lot split to create one 49-acre parcel and a 2.47-acre parcel to facilitate the sale of one of the new parcels.

The zoning in that area could be changed, but no one has applied for a change in zoning at this point, Sorrell also said Tuesday. Some 49 acres at the site are zoned for conservation uses at the moment, while another two-plus acres have an agricultural zoning.

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