Nearly 800 jobs at stake in Miamisburg and Moraine grant applications, cities say

775 new jobs possible combined in Miamisburg and Moraine, grant documents say

Unnamed companies want to bring 500 jobs to Moraine and 275 jobs to Miamisburg, according to those communities’ applications for Montgomery County development grants.

In Miamisburg, a company wants to build a 450,000-square-foot facility on 34 acres in the Austin Center area off Old Byers Road, employing 275 people at an annual payroll of $24 million, sparking that city’s biggest manufacturing revival in some time, according to a new application for a county Economic Development/Government Equity (ED/GE) grant.

Another anonymous employer is eyeing another big local expansion, looking to create 500 jobs in Moraine, according to that city’s separate application for the same grant.

ExploreCounty grant ED/GE applications deadline is Tuesday

It was an ED/GE grant that helped bring Fuyao Glass America’s to Moraine in 2014. That company employs more than 2,000 workers today.

In Miamisburg, the prospective employer is anonymous in what the city has code-named “Project Bullwinkle.”

“The project will be the largest manufacturing project in the city of Miamisburg in recent memory and located in a target area where the city has invested heavily to foster economic development activity,” Miamisburg officials said in their ED/GE application. “This project will significantly enhance city revenues allowing us to better provide services to our residents and businesses.”

End-of-business Tuesday was the deadline for communities to apply for ED/GE funds.

Project ‘Sky’

The employer behind Moraine’s code-named “Project Sky” wants to invest $300 million to employ 500 workers in 600,000-square-foot facility, according to Moraine’s ED/GE application.

That employer would be located in a former industrial property in Moraine, the application says. While a specific location is not given in the document, developer Industrial Commercial Properties has said it has been preparing the former General Motors assembly plant paint shop off Stroop Road for possible use.

Tenants are not yet committed to occupy the structure, which GM vacated in 2008, “but a few conversations are in progress,” the Dayton Daily News was told in August.

Designed as an economic incentive since 1992, ED/GE grants are derived from countywide sales tax proceeds from participating communities. Funds also come from shared tax revenues.

Business do not apply for the grants. Instead, they work with local communities to approach the county for the grants on their behalf.

A committee of local leaders decide which applications merit funding and if so, how much they should receive. County commissioners will vote on that committee’s recommendations, probably in late November or early December.

Elsewhere, an ED/GE application submitted by Vandalia points to plans by Trusscore USA Inc., formerly MSW Plastics USA Inc., at 6161 Ventnor Ave., to launch a $5.4 million project — with nearly $4.6 million in building renovations and $821,000 in new equipment.

The proposed project will create 12 new full-time jobs and retain 46, Vandalia said.

In Huber Heights, Millat Industries wants to upgrade its HVAC system, according to an application from that city.

A second application from Moraine speaks of plans to upgrade a set of buildings along the 3000 block of Dryden Road, to prepare them for Miamisburg wire harness manufacturer ElectriPack, which the application describes as a “rapidly expanding company in the county.”

Moraine said the project involves 150 jobs.

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