Wanted man in custody following SWAT standoff in Dayton

A man wanted by U.S. Marshals was taken into custody following a SWAT standoff in Dayton Wednesday afternoon.

The standoff came to an end just before 3:30 p.m. on King Avenue.

U.S. Marshals initially responded to the house for a man wanted for federal crimes, including weapons charges, said Dayton police Maj. Chris Molson. The man was believed to have high-powered weapons and reportedly refused to leave the house.

“They negotiated with him for a couple hours actually, trying to get him out,” Molson said. “He refused to come out which then initiated a Dayton SWAT and HNT (Hostage Negotiation Team) call out.”

Crews used chemical munitions, such as tear gas, and also spoke to the man via a loudspeaker, on a cellphone and through an open window to try to get the man to leave the house.

The man eventually came out on his own without further incident, Molson said. SWAT crews then cleared the house before turning it over to the U.S. Marshals.

He is from Dayton and is known to law enforcement. Additional details about what the man was wanted for and if it was a local incident was not available.

The man had minor injuries on his left leg, but it was not clear how he was hurt. Molson said he was being examined by medics and will receive any appropriate medical care.

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