Lebanon five-year capital improvement spending includes major road work

LEBANON — Major road projects are a part of this city’s more than $45 million capital improvement plans over the next five years.

City Manager Scott Brunka recently outlined key roadway and other infrastructure projects being planned between 2023 and 2027 for city council. He said the work will also include state, federal and other grant funding to complete them.

He said the plan presented assumes an annual income tax revenue growth of 4% and also depends on receiving $17.1 million in state and federal grants.

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Key road projects include:

  • 2023: Cherry Street reconstruction
  • 2024: Glosser Road Widening, Mason Morrow Millgrove Road improvements.
  • 2025: Park Avenue reconstruction,
  • 2026: Cedar/Crescent road reconstruction, Ward Street reconstruction and Ohio 63 widening.
  • 2027: West Warren Street/Canal Street reconstruction; Suncrest Drive/Meadow Lane reconstruction.

The city maintains more than 200 lane miles of roadway, according Lebanon’s website.

Brunka said the city plans to spend $10.1 million in 2023; $10.9 million in 2024; $8.1 million in 2025; $11.1 million in 2026; and $6.4 million in 2027, with an annual average of $9.33 million over the next five years. He said the amounts were based on the number of lane miles, projected roadway life cycle, and average annual road way budget over the five years.

“The current budget adequately reflects road improvement needs,” he said.

In the current five-year plan, which ends at the end of 2022, the city’s average road program spending was $5.29 million. In 2015 to 2017, a three-year average, the city spent about $3.28 million.

In addition to various water main, storm sewer and sanitary sewer main replacements which are coordinated with the annual road program, Lebanon is planning other key utility and park system projects. Those projects include:

  • 2023: Electric substation and generation improvements; the Cherry Street water main replacement; and other upgrades; and replacing playground equipment in Pleasant Park.
  • 2024: Electric generation improvements; North Broadway water main replacement; the North Broadway separate multi-use path which will be coordinated with the water main replacement; and other upgrades.

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