Man charged after fleeing traffic stop with officer stuck in car in Dayton

A man accused of trying to flee a traffic stop while a Dayton police officer was stuck inside the car has been charged.

Antonie Michael Still, 30, of Dayton is facing one count each of felonious assault, kidnapping, obstructing official business and resisting arrest, according to Dayton Municipal Court records.

He was arraigned Wednesday afternoon, and his bond was set at $100,000.

Just after 10 p.m. on Monday, Officer Ashley Frey and Officer Madeline Ambrose stopped a Honda Civic with expired tags near Bierce Avenue and South Torrence Street.

During the traffic stop, Still began to reach for a backpack on the floor of the car, according to court documents. Frey asked Still to step out of the car and began to open the driver side door.

“Antonie immediately pulled the door shut and told her no,” an affidavit read. “Officer Frey and Mr. Still began struggling against one another with the door.”

When Frey reached over to undo Still’s seatbelt, he reportedly tried to speed up while the officer was still in the vehicle.

The car crashed into the side of a pickup truck, which shut Frey inside the car, according to court records. Ambrose ran to the car and attempted to open the passenger door, but it was locked. The officer was able to break the glass on the passenger door, according to police

Still put the car into reverse, and with Frey still in the car, he backed up and hit a tree. The airbags deployed as a result of the crash.

Still pushed Frey out of the car as he fled on foot, ignoring commands from both officers, according to court documents.

Police said one of the officers attempted to use a Taser as Still fled.

While on foot, Still dropped a bag that he later told detectives contained cocaine, according court records. He was arrested after police found him under a handicap ramp in a yard.

A resident’s dog had reportedly bitten Still.

Frey was taken to the hospital and treated and released, according to police. Still was also transported to the hospital before he was booked into the Montgomery County Jail.

“Unfortunately, this is an example of how quickly situations can escalate and become dangerous for our officers,” read a statement from the police department. “Fortunately, all parties involved in this incident were not more seriously injured.”

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