Mayor Whaley to meet with President Biden to discuss infrastructure

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley this afternoon will meet with President Joe Biden to discuss a proposed $1.2 trillion infrastructure framework that the White House has characterized as the largest long-term investment in infrastructure in nearly a century.

Whaley along with mayors from Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Denver and Mobile, Alabama, are expected to hear directly from the President about his economic vision.

Biden is expected to make the case that infrastructure is a bipartisan issue and proposed investments in the economy will benefit the middle class, create millions of new jobs and help the nation’s global competitiveness.

Biden also is expected to talk about how impactful it would be to remove lead pipes, expand universal access to high-speed Internet, expand transit options and rebuild roads and bridges.

This week, a letter signed by 369 mayors was sent to federal lawmakers urging them to approve the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework.

Mayor Whaley, the president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, recently said investments are needed to modernize the nation’s infrastructure, reduce carbon emissions, build a workforce for the future and help families and businesses.

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