Police announce results of Trotwood moving OVI checkpoint

Police have announced the results of a moving OVI checkpoint that take place in Trotwood Friday night.

The checkpoint started at 8 p.m. in the area of 5000 Free Pike and 4825 Salem Avenue.

According to a release, 367 total vehicles passed through the checkpoints, leading to 13 citations and one arrest on misdemeanor warrants.

At the Free Pike checkpoint, 216 vehicles passed through the checkpoint, and 23 were diverted for OVI checks. One citation was issued for seatbelts, four for driving under suspension, and two for having no driver’s license.

Saturation patrols around the Free Pike checkpoint led to one OVI arrest, two citations for driving under suspension, six other citations and 13 warnings.

At the Salem Avenue checkpoint, 151 vehicles passed through the checkpoint, 18 of which were diverted to be checked. Five citations were issued for driving under suspension and two were issued for not having a driver’s license. Police also seized marijuana during the checkpoint.

Patrols around the Salem Avenue checkpoint led to one citation for speeding, one for a driver without a driver’s license, and four warnings.

The Trotwood Police Department, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and Montgomery County Combined Agency OVI Task Force conducted the checkpoint.

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