Woman who drives past road closed sign in Tipp City is rescued from high water

No one was injured after a woman who reportedly drove past a road closed sign was rescued from a vehicle in high water in Tipp City Wednesday morning.

Around 6:18 a.m., Tipp City Fire & Emergency Services crews responded to the 300 block of Tipp Elizabeth Road near Lost Creek Prairie on a report of a motorist stranded in high water. The area was just east of the Great Miami River.

Crews found a vehicle in 3-foot-deep water about 300 yards from dry road, said Cameron Haller, chief of emergency services for Tipp City Fire & Emergency Services.

A wading rescue was performed to remove the woman from the vehicle.

“The victim was dressed out in a helmet and life jacket and removed from the vehicle,” Haller said. “She waded back to dry ground in a triangle rescue formation with the firefighters.”

An ambulance crew assesed the woman, who refused transport.

The vehicle will be left where it stopped until the water recedes. There was water in the vehicle when the woman was rescued.

The woman drove around a road closed sign at state Route 202 and Tipp Elizabeth Road, Haller said.

The chief reminded people to not try to drive through water on flooded roads.

“The water is moving and (can) cause serious injuries up to death,” he said. “The moving water can also cause the car to float with the current.”

Elizabeth Twp. medics, a Troy Fire Department boat, Tipp City police, Miami County sheriff’s deputies and Tipp City Public Works crews also responded to assist.

Crews were on the scene for about an hour and a half.

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