Oakwood schools’ asbestos abatement work continues next week

Contractors are doing work after school hours, testing air quality before each school day

Oakwood school district officials said Friday that the first days of asbestos abatement work at Oakwood Junior High/Oakwood High School went as planned this week.

The abatement work is taking place in the north hallway of the building that runs parallel to and is closest to Spirea Drive.

Work will continue next week, Monday, Dec. 12 through Thursday, Dec. 15 between the hours of 4 p.m. and 2:30 a.m.

The work area is being partitioned off from the rest of the building with no access to Oakwood Schools students or staff. School officials said the abatement contractor is going above and beyond what is required to secure the area and monitor results.

Environmental air monitoring outside of the regulated area will be performed by a third-party professionally certified environmental firm after every shift in which abatement work takes place. An authorized laboratory will read the samples, and results will be shared with the school district prior to students and staff returning to the building each school day.

If test results indicate elevated fiber levels, the district said it would announce a calamity day or remote-instruction day for the junior high and high school. If needed, the district will attempt to make this decision as early as possible.

In preparation for this work, one classroom, an office area, a boys’ restroom and 57 student lockers were relocated. The public does not have access to the door closest to Schantz Avenue at the end of the hallway where the abatement work will occur, according to school officials.

Oakwood is planning a privately funded performing and visual arts expansion project that will include new space on that northeast corner of the school building.

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