Ohio sending state troopers to assist Minnesota for back-up for possible protests

The state of Ohio has sent 100 State Highway Patrol troopers to assist with security assignments in Minnesota.

Gov. Tim Walz of Minnesota requested the assistance of state troopers from Ohio and Nebraska after the Minnesota state legislature approved funding for the additional security, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Minnesota has experienced civil unrest in the cities of Minneapolis and Brooklyn Center in the past weeks as the Derek Chauvin murder trial awaits a jury verdict, and tensions over the recent fatal police shooting of Daunte Wright.

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Ohio state troopers left Monday to assist with security assignments so that Minnesota law enforcement officers have the ability to respond to incidents as needed, according to Staff Lt. Craig Cvetan, Ohio State Highway Patrol spokesman.

“The troopers’ role will be very similar to what they do here in Ohio,” Cvetan said. “They will be present to keep people safe and protect property. Our goal is the same as it is here, to work with our law enforcement partners to keep people safe, to protect property and still allow everyone to exercise their constitutional rights safely.”

He said Ohio troopers are always prepared to respond to incidents in the interest of public safety, whether it’s here in Ohio or when requested by another state.

“This is what Ohio troopers do, whether it’s a motorist stranded along the highway, a local law enforcement agency here in Ohio or an out of state law enforcement partner, when someone needs help we are there for them,” he said. “We all took an oath to support the constitution of the United States and faithfully, honestly and impartially discharge our duties as a trooper. That oath does not have boundaries.”

Cvetan said the highway patrol has committed to a timeframe for the assistance, however for security reasons he could not discuss how long that will be.

This is not the first time Ohio has sent troopers to assist another state. In 2016, 37 state troopers were deployed to assist in North Dakota over protests concerning the Dakota Access Pipeline. Ohio also received assistance from out of state officers during the 2016 Republican National Convention.

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