Our commitment to you: Keeping COVID facts straight

We’ve re-committed to help our region stay safe and to get the straight facts about the new spike in COVID-19 cases in our communities, our state and country.

Today, we are taking over the top of our homepage on DaytonDailyNews.com to offer you what you need to know to keep you and your family safe.

Our reporters and editors have taken this role seriously ever since the pandemic began. As we navigate through this latest surge, DaytonDailyNews.com and the Dayton Daily News will continue to give the clearest data and facts about how the pandemic is affecting us. We’re also going to continue to seek clarity and accountability from our public officials on what is being done to protect our communities.

We are presenting everything we produce on DaytonDailyNews.com in a new, clearer package. You can find that anytime at DaytonDailyNews.com/coronavirus.

Every day we will publish updated data and information about the number of infections in Ohio and the situation at our local hospitals.

Each week reporter Jordan Laird will take questions from readers to a panel of trusted local experts to get you the answers you need. You’ll see the first story answers the most pressing questions about the Delta virus surge.

Our columns on our Ideas & Voices pages offer the latest insight about how our community is handling the pandemic.

This coverage is important. Our subscribers have told us they rely on this information to help them make the best decisions to keep their families safe. Their support makes our coverage possible.

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