Photo shoot helps Montgomery County kids who want to be adopted

Children in the Montgomery County who are waiting to be adopted got their pictures taken Sunday during a photo shoot designed to help them find forever homes.

There are about 80 children in the county who are hoping to get adopted. Michelle Tedford, chair of the Montgomery County Foster Parent Advisory Council, said updated professional photos of the children can help find potential parents for them.

“We’re also doing this because children in foster care have had all kinds of challenges in their lives and they deserve to feel super special because they are special,” Tedford said. “And to have a professional photographer to take your picture and give you those wonderful images can really help their self-esteem and they are wonderful kids and we really want to make sure they have every opportunity to show their best selves.”

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The photos can be very positive, said Craig Rickett, Associate Director of Montgomery County Jobs and Family Services - Children Services Division.

“It builds confidence, it builds self-esteem,” he said. “Children in biological homes or even some foster homes, frequently parents will have photo shoots scheduled whether it be at a department store somewhere or whether it be a private photographer, this gives ... a unique opportunity for our youth to have this.”

Anyone interested in becoming an adoptive parent can find information at Montgomery County’s “Children are Waiting” website or by visiting

Tedford is a foster parent and an adoptive parent and said getting involved is a good experience.

“It’s amazing to see how wonderfully they flourish once they know they are safe and loved and that’s what we really try to give to them both as foster parents and adoptive parents,” Tedford said.

The photo shoot Sunday was the first time many of the children got a chance to take a professional photo since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dani Hoskinson, of Memories in a Snap Photography, said she volunteered to help the children and give back to the community. She said the children seemed to enjoy getting their photos taken and it’s good knowing that some of her photos will be used to help the children find forever homes.

Along with Hoskinson, Heather Powell of Immobulus Photography and Jay Whorton, @jay.whorton on Instagram, also participated in the event.

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