Police escort Dayton man out of commission meeting for being out of order

A Dayton man was escorted out of a city commission meeting tonight by police officers after being ruled out of order and refusing to step away from the podium and stop speaking.

Mark Dennis Fritz was led away from the podium and out of city commission chambers following remarks he made during the public comment portion of the meeting.

Members of the public are given three minutes to address the commission, and Fritz used his time to criticize the elected body for approving an informal resolution a week ago that declared the city’s intention not to prioritize enforcement of state abortion laws.

When Fritz’s three minutes were up, he continued speaking even though he was instructed to stop, and Mayor Jeffrey Mims Jr. banged his gavel and told the speaker to take his seat.

As he was led out by police, Fritz yelled, “My Constitutional rights have just been infringed by tyranny.”

In the past, other speakers have been escorted back to their seats or out of commission chambers after continuing to speak after their time expired.

One man was escorted out last year after trying to walk up to commissioners during the meeting because he said he wanted a hug.

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