Recount decides winner in tight Carlisle city council race

A recount of the close Nov. 2 Carlisle city council election confirmed that Will Bicknell edged Randal Jewett for the last of four council seats that were up for grabs.

The recount took place Monday at the Boards of Elections in Warren and Montgomery counties, because the vote totals for Bicknell and fellow incumbent Jewett were within one-half of 1 percent.

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The recount actually added two votes to Bicknell’s total, according to Brian Sleeth, Warren County’s elections director. Sleeth said two voters did not fill in the ovals completely or used check marks to indicate their voting preferences. He said certificates of election will be sent to winners in the city council race.

As a result of the recount, Bicknell edged out Jewett for a new four-year term on council by five votes, 358-353. Bicknell had been appointed to council in September 2017 to complete the unexpired term of Jake Fryman. Bicknell was then elected to a four-year term in November 2017.

The other three winners in the city council race were Michael Kilpatrick, Kim Bilbrey and Tim Humphries. Bilbrey had been appointed in May 2020 to complete the unexpired term of former vice mayor Brad McIntosh.

This is the first time Kilpatrick has run for elective office in Carlisle, while Humphries has served on council multiple times since his appointment in December 2005. Humphries was elected mayor from 2008 to 2011 and elected again to council in 2017.

In the race for the four council seats, the following candidates received the following votes:

  • Michael Kilpatrick, 670 votes.
  • Kim Bilbrey, 600 votes.
  • Tim Humphries, 369 votes.
  • Will Bicknell, 358 votes.
  • Randal Jewett, 353 votes.
  • Brenda Jo Abney, 306 votes.
  • James Lickliter, 256 votes.
  • Lisa Long, 248 votes.
  • Andrew Hubbs, 117 votes.

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