Hate cicadas? Southwest Ohio company’s ‘body tent’ could be your answer

It’s the year of the Brood X Cicada and this Cincinnati based company is here to help.

Not ready to give up your outdoor patio experience to battle with the bugs this spring? Under the Weather, a tent company based in Cincinnati has a body tent to help you out.

The WalkingPod Mesh is a portable and wearable bug screen that fits over the top half of your body.

“This Pod design has been in the works for some time, but with cicada season on the horizon, we decided now was the perfect time to roll it out,” said Chief Executive Officer Rick Pescovitz. “In addition to protecting from cicadas, it also offers protection from a variety of insects and pests, including mosquitos.”

Under the Weather began in 2010 and later went on to win an investment on the popular show, ‘Shark Tank’ in 2017. Pescovitz’s company makes a wide variety of foldable plastic pods with their most recent release of the WalkingPod.

The cicadas are expected to emerge around mid-May soon after the first 80-degree day and a drenching rain shower. The periodical cicadas emerging this year are part of Brood X, one of the largest broods of periodical cicadas.

This breed of cicada is different from the annual cicadas that emerge at the end of every summer, the Brood X emerge every 17 years.

These cicadas will emerge in southern Ohio, Indiana, southern Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, New Jersey and Maryland.

Technically they are harmless, they are just large, loud, and clunky fliers. There will be billions of them when they emerge.

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