Tipp City school board members say they will not resign

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Tippecanoe High School. MARSHALL GORBY\STAFF

Tipp City Concerned Citizens says it has enough signatures to turn into Miami County Common Pleas Court seeking removal.

The Tipp City Exempted Village Schools Board of Education president and vice president said they won’t resign despite a citizens’ group warning it has enough petition signatures to file in court seeking their removal from office.

Board President Theresa Dunaway and Vice President Anne Zakkour were asked by Jill Broering, a member of the Tipp City Concerned Citizens, to resign during the board’s Nov. 15 meeting.

If resignations were turned in, the organization would not proceed with filing removal petitions in Miami County Common Pleas Court, she said.

“The community’s preference is to avoid taking this to court. However, the complaint will be filed if resignations aren’t forthcoming,” said Broering. “How this complaint moves forward is your decision.”

The group collected more than the 1,500 signatures needed to take the request to court. The group alleges the board leadership has continued to “abuse its authority and mismanage its business.”

Neither board leader responded to the request at the board’s monthly meeting. Asked during the past week if they would resign, both submitted written statements to the Dayton Daily News saying they would not. Dunaway and Zakkour have maintained they engaged in no wrongdoing.

“I have no intention of resigning!” Dunaway said. “The majority of our community has conservative values that line up with the values I bring to my board seat and they have vocally pleaded with me to not cave to this special interest group. This is a political witch hunt. Local politics is ugly, especially in a small town.”

Zakkour said she, too, will not leave her board position.

“I have no intention of resigning or acquiescing to the Tipp Concerned Citizens group. I am speaking on my behalf only,” Zakkour said. “The TCC allegations are misinformation and disinformation and without merit. The burden of proof that must be met before a public official can be removed from office is clear and convincing evidence. Democratic governance is not a game of cancel culture musical chairs.”

The petitions for removal had not been filed as of Tuesday.

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