Ultra-endurance racer passes through Dayton on around-the-world record attempt

Credit: Lynch, Gregory

Credit: Lynch, Gregory

Lael Wilcox, an ultra-endurance bicycle racer, is attempting to set a Guinness record for cycling around the world.

According to her website, her goal is to ride 18,000 miles in 110 days. The current women’s record is held by Jenny Graham at 124 days, 10 hours and 50 minutes.

The first leg of her journey, started in Chicago on Sunday.

Credit: Lynch, Gregory

Credit: Lynch, Gregory

On day two, she passed through Dayton, traveling from Indianapolis, to Newark, Ohio. She made great time, covering 259 miles in 14.5 hours. Her average speed was between 18-19 mph.

Wilcox carries all of her own equipment, including a sleep kit and food

On her daily podcast, Wilcox said she had great conditions with her momentum building as she headed towards Columbus.

“Ohio was incredible,” she said.

Many supporters were out greeting her, cheering and ringing cow bells. Some rode with her over short distances.

Her only problem was on a bike path in Dayton where she ran into “huge rocks” on the trail. She said she was surprised to see them but her bike held up and it didn’t slow her down.

To set the record, Wilcox is required to cycle a minimum of 18,000 miles, in an east-to-west direction, wavering no more than five degrees off course. The total journey distance must be a minimum of 24 900 miles, including all flight distances.

She must start and finish in the same place and another requirement is that she must traverse a line at the earth’s center twice. Wilcox plans to do that in Madrid, Spain and Wellington, New Zealand.

Her longest leg of the trip will be when she returns to North America. She will face 6,535 miles to get from Anchorage, Alaska, down to Los Angeles and then east to the finish line back in Chicago.

Here is a map that tracks her journey.

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