Visiting restrictions ease at local hospitals as COVID-19 surge slows

Credit: Will Jones

Credit: Will Jones

Patients admitted at Premier Health hospitals for reasons other than COVID-19 can now have up to two visitors per day under newly relaxed rules.

Previously, only one visitor per day was permitted. The Dayton-based health network said the change “follows a decline in COVID-19 hospitalizations across the region, though the number of COVID-19 patients remains high.”

In West Center Ohio, the number of people currently hospitalized as an inpatient with COVID-19 declined 15% over the last week and 29% over the last three weeks.

As of Friday, 269 inpatients in the region had COVID-19, which is about 1 out of every 8 hospitalized patients. At the peak of the current surge, just over 400 people hospitalized in the region had COVID-19.

The Premier Health hospitals include Atrium Medical Center in Middletown, Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Miami Valley Hospital North in Englewood, Miami Valley Hospital South in Centerville, and Upper Valley Medical Center near Troy.

Premier said other precautions to limit the spread of COVID-19 will remain in place, such as:

  • Emergency patients may be accompanied by one support person or visitor at a time;
  • No visitation allowed by children younger than 12;
  • No visitation for outpatient testing, such as non-invasive radiology testing, routine X-rays, and lab studies unless the patient needs mobility, language, cognitive, or other assistance;
  • Minor patients can have two support persons or visitors in the emergency department and as inpatient, but this is limited to parents or guardians;
  • At office visits, patients can have one support person or visitor;
  • Patients will be permitted one visitor per day;
  • Visitation should be limited to one hour;
  • Visitors for any confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patient must remain in the room or leave the facility after the visit;
  • Visitors should wear a mask in all areas of the hospital, including in private patient rooms;
  • For maternity patients, two support persons, such as a partner and doula, will be permitted per day for all stages including antepartum, delivery and postpartum;
  • For maternity patients testing positive for COVID-19, only one support person will be allowed, staying in the room masked;
  • NICU patients will be allowed two visitors for the duration of the patient’s stay (parents, grandparents, or pre-identified support persons). If the mother tested positive, she and her support person will not be allowed to visit the NICU until non-infectious by current CDC definition.

For a complete list of visitor restrictions at Premier Health hospitals, visit

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