Waste of money or strategic incentive? Reactions to Ohio’s $1M vaccine lottery

Credit: Bill Lackey

Credit: Bill Lackey

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s announcement that the state will offer five million-dollar drawings for people to get vaccinated led to strong responses on social media, with some praising the effort to entice more holdouts to get the vaccine and others speculating that the money should be spent elsewhere.

Below are a selection of comments supporting and criticizing the idea from Facebook and Twitter.


Lish Marie: “Some states were talking about giving all those who got the vaccine a stipend. Unfortunately money is incentive for some where science may not be. I got my vaccine and would love a million, however I wish he could help more than just 5 people out of a ton that have been affected and chose to get the vaccine.”

Pat Quinn: “Absolutely genius. The Venn Diagram of frequent lottery players and people already vaccinated has got to be just two circles side by side. Tons of opportunity to get Ohio effectively fully vaccinated here!”


Jeff Bonsteel: “What an irresponsible way to spend tax payer dollars.”

Meg Morgan Jones: “School funding was cut across the State and other state agencies were closed down, to save money, yet tax payer’s money is being used for this.”

Rhian Castle: “Why can’t he use this money to help small businesses suffering?”

Sam Mcconnell: “Facts:

• Over 1,100 business closed over the past year in the Col/Cin/Clev area due to COVID difficulties that could have benefited from $5,000,000.

• That $5m could have covered the entire 7-year tax increase that the Bellbrook School levy entailed

• $5m could pay for an entire year of the Preschool Promise program in Montgomery County

• For $5,000,000 you could fill every pothole in Dayton using nickels and still have enough money to buy a Dewine is Watching sign from Heart Mercantile.”

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