WATCH: Internist physicians and how they can help you as you age

A local doctor explains how the healthcare specialist can assist you as you age.

Carlos Ventura, M.D. is an internist physician with the Kettering Health Years Ahead Center. He explains the expertise an internist physician can offer for your healthcare needs, and how they differ from a general family practitioner.

Internists specialize in treating adults, and especially those with chronic conditions, Ventura said.

“Chronic conditions... I always call it like a symphony,” Ventura said. “There are a lot of parts moving, there is a lot of noise in the background. So, the role of the internist is to be the hub, the part where the information comes to, and the coordination of care happens.”

Internists can help adults with chronic conditions, who might be taking several medications and supplements, to navigate the best treatment options and prescription needs, Ventura said.

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