We’re making changes to Saturday delivery

Here’s what it means for you

Beginning Saturday, May 6, we will stop printing the Saturday newspaper. We will continue to publish the digital version of Saturday’s paper online and you can get connected to it in the ePaper, newsletters and on DaytonDailyNews.com.

The ePaper will include our daily local and investigative news, TV listings, advertising and classifieds, the weekly Wheels section, comics and the benefits it offers every day. You can read it page-by-page just like the printed paper, and you will find updated news and sports scores, deeper dives on current events, interactive games and easy access to past newspapers.

As a subscriber, you have unlimited access to everything we publish online, all day every day. Your digital newspaper is always on and always up to date, keeping you connected to the local news that matters.

Stay connected

The news doesn’t stop once we print the paper, and our journalists keep working to bring you the whole story. DaytonDailyNews.com is your trusted source for local news, any time.

Your daily ePaper is more than a replica of the printed paper. In addition to updated overnight sports scores, the ePaper features special sections and coverage that don’t appear in the printed edition.

We also deliver news straight to your email inbox with daily email newsletters, beginning with your Morning Briefing that links to the ePaper and continuing with Midday, Afternoon and Evening updates. You can also get trusted, timely news as it happens with Breaking News email alerts.

We are dedicated to bringing you the stories you can’t find anywhere else and in-depth investigative reporting that no other media outlet provides.

We’re also your trusted local resource for making a plan, catching up or taking a moment to play. Try our interactive games and puzzles or play the interactive version of the daily crossword or daily Jumble at Games.DaytonDailyNews.com.

Getting the most out of your digital subscription

With your digital subscription you have access to:

--- ePaper: A page-by-page digital newspaper that includes overnight sport scores and exclusive extras. It can be found at DaytonDailyNews.com/epaper

--- Newsletters: Stay connected with updates sent directly to you. You sign up for them at DaytonDailyNews.com/newsletters

--- Games and Puzzles: Take a moment to play your daily crossword or many more games and puzzles at Games.DaytonDailyNews.com

--- Help Center: We’re here to help you every step of the way. Scan the code above for helpful guides to using your digital subscription or call us at 888-397-6397.