What are you thankful for?

More than 40 people shared why they are thankful.
More than 40 people shared why they are thankful.

In honor of Thanksgiving, more than 40 local resident share why they are grateful.

With all that is seemingly wrong with the world right now, the good is sometimes overshadowed.

That does not not mean it does not exist.

More thanks 125 local residents responded to my Facebook appeal to share reasons they are thankful as we celebrate the holiday season.

Below are some of the responses.

“Thanks for asking! I am so thankful to have the unyielding love of immediate and extended family. Also the ingenuity, grit and resiliency of community. Praise the Lord.” ― Sierra Leone

“That I am a nurse and will always have a job.” ― Shawnie Kramer

“I was sitting in my car in a parking lot, head down reading someone on my phone. A woman knocked on my window to check if I was ok.

This is what I love about Dayton. In tough times, we look out for each other. People and organizations step up, pull together and everyone helps any way they can. It’s awe-inspiring.” ― Mark Willis

“I’m thankful to God for so many things. 2020 has been a challenging year but has sparked most of us to rethink what really matters and what’s important in our lives ( good health, family, and dear friends) and to not take one another for granted. More importantly it has humbled many people to search their hearts and learn to love more and come to the realization that we need each other to survive.” ― Sophia Johnson

Amelia Robinson
Amelia Robinson

Credit: Lisa Powell

Credit: Lisa Powell

“Family, friends, my dog, my life, my home.” ― Teresa Talley

“My sons, daughter-in-law, and new grandson who made me a grandma for the first time.” ― Laura Loges

“Dedicated coworkers. Daycare teachers. The ability to find the silver lining. And, macaroni and cheese.” ― Monica Jones

“That I work for a supportive company that is putting people first throughout this pandemic.” ― Lisa Tickle

“Plumbers!” ― Yvonne Monaghan

“I am thankful for my children, community and the favor of the Most High God. I am thankful for the surplus of “virtual help” for mental wellness and the opportunity to express love in creative, and uncommon ways.” ― ASlate Williamson

“Waking up everyday.” ― Debbie Goldberg

“Sobriety, a good marriage, the poodles, my mom, having a job that I like, Tina Hightower, my health, friends I trust, staying honest with myself, how covid has taught me acceptance.” ― Jason Wright

“I am thankful for my life. I am thankful for the people who surround me with their kindness and love and I’m thankful for my kitties. They bring me tons of joy!” ― Jennifer Wathen Grant

“Time with my kids. I like the humans I’m raising.” ― Anthony T. Head

“Family, friends, animals, health, music & love.” ― Tami Schuh

“Thankful my hands are able to keep working and work keeps coming because making things brings me joy.” ― Tracy McElfresh

“Health, safety and friends I can contact by phone and Zoom.” ― Ann Pettee

“The new trials we are all facing, so much to learn.” ― Kristina Lewis

“I’m thankful for living in Ohio where the governor cares about his constituents as well as living/working in Dayton where the mayor does the same. I’m also thankful for my place of employment and their continual efforts to be safe.

I am thankful for all I have. From the roof over my head to my dog and additional wildlife that provide unconditional love. And my family whether they be blood relatives or chosen.” ― Levi Coughing

“That I can work from home.” ― Marygrace Yakovac

“For being near my parents again.” ― Rachel Botting

“I’m thankful for having Rachel to share these crazy times with.” ― Dennis Mullins

“Toilet paper and paper towels, I never knew how sad I would be without them. Also thankful for having amazing parents.” ― Amy Haverstick

“Family and friends who’ve walked with me on my grief journey.” ― Amy D. Lopez-Matthews

“Bidets on all my toilets. My big front porch.” ― Carol Jo Narigon

“Remote work to keep me busy and thinking.” ― Melanie Kolden

“I’m Thankful for a vaccine and I’m also Thankful for January 20th.” ― Lee Perry

“My family and my cats.” ― Cristen Zedalis Allen

“New job that pays me what I’m worth and bosses who genuinely care about the wellbeing of their staff.” ― Jim Ingram

“That no matter what life throws at me I’ll never resort to my old ways to make it. I been through things most could not imagine and rose like a Phoenix. From prison to NPR affiliate radio show. I’m grateful for the fall, but even more thankful for the blessings that brace it.” ― Mary Evans

“Weird flex, but somewhat thankful for the pandemic. While it’s been terrible in a lot of ways, it’s brought me closer to some of my friends.” ― Isaiah Andrew

“Kids, family, my hunk of love, and knowing this pandemic will/has made us reprioritze what is truly important and necessary.” ― Joni Magnus-Ramsey

“Thankful for my Mama.” ― Valerie Galloway

“I’m thankful for finally believing in myself.” ― Jasmine Brown

“I am so thankful for the incredible women that work with me every day at ZIG ZAG Gallery. Especially during this crazy year, they have pulled together to support me, work wonderfully with our amazing customers and make it fun through it all. (Keeping beer in the fridge doesn’t hurt either. )” ― Kim Megginson

“Having all this time with my son.” ― Allison Kilburn

“Hope.” ― Beth Cherryholmes Miller

“Giving.” ― Jeff Fluty

“The family you are given and the family you choose.” ― Nathan Croumer

“I am beyond grateful for the lessons learned in 2019 and carried through into 2020. One being you can love your job, but it won’t love you back.” ― Angelia Fitzgerald

“Being alive after battling cancer.” ― Jennifer Turney Krohn

“I am thankful that the events of the past year and a half - mom dying, major surgery for my brother, the tornados, losing my job, and of course, the pandemic - have served to bring my family closer than ever.” ― Bee Paschal

“Thankful for my family.” ― Belinda Kender

“Volunteering at Dayton History with my husband weekly and being able to share with visitors the rich history of Dayton and allowing them for a brief period of time to think about something other than the pandemic.” — Nancy Tullis Thickel

“I’m thankful that myself, my wife and my family have all been well during this crazy year.” — Tony Houston

“I’m thankful for our Dayton community. I am incredibly proud and thankful for the community’s continued support of the local ethnic groups and their move to virtual events and carryout options or virtual shopping.

I am thankful for so many local businesses who continue to find ways to make it work and keep their doors open especially our neighbors in St. Anne’s Hill. They have been an inspiration for the German Club to hold two in person events that included online ordering, limited in person and carryout orders.

I am thankful for receiving so many compliments on how we handled the events, thank yous for holding the events, and not being a hot spot. I do not know how businesses handle that stress every day, but I am thankful they do and keep going.

I am also thankful for Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County. They are amazing and when a small ethnic club calls with a ton of questions, they answer them and are able to make you feel like you are their only customer / concern when I know we aren’t.” ― Debbie Bereda Venys

“Family that’s healthy – physically, mentally can sometimes be questionable. Friends – they’re what’s getting us through the pandemic. Our furry family – they make our house a home and our land a farm.” ― Rachel Valencia Goodspeed

“I am thankful that the pandemic has blessed us with the time and opportunity to go within and reevaluate what is working (and what is not working) both in our lives and in our world. It is an opportunity to truly reevaluate and turn things around.” ― Debbie Teeters

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