Xenia plans $10 million in capital projects; says budget is solid

XENIA — Xenia has set aside $10.1 million in appropriations for capital projects in 2022, including $6.3 million for police and fire. City council approved its final budget for the year on Thursday, after approving a temporary operating budget in December.

The largest line item is $4.5 million set aside for replacing Xenia Fire Station 32. The station is currently located at 869 W. Second St., but the city plans a station in a different location.

Other capital improvement money will go towards replacing police cruisers, a fire department medic unit and other vehicles, as well as operating equipment.

Xenia’s appropriations for all funds total just over $78.8 million for 2022, including transfers and inter-fund loans. For accounting reasons, this number is inflated, with the city’s estimated cash expenses closer to $58 million, City Manager Brent Merriman said Thursday.

“The budget as presented maintains all services at current levels and provides for all of our capital programming for this fiscal year,” Merriman said. “All of our budget funds are anticipated to have positive balances, and the city is projected to well exceed its reserve fund policy requirement that we maintain.”

Xenia is projecting an ending balance of approximately $6.3 million for key operating funds in 2022.

Xenia council’s financial priorities for the year include developing long-term funding plans for city infrastructure, including street conditions, stormwater funding, and continued capital replacement of water, sewer, and stormwater projects, per city documents.

The redevelopment of Xenia Towne Square is also a top priority. The city purchased the buildings in Towne Square last January for $3.3 million, gaining total control of the site for the first time in over 40 years. The city is in the process of developing plans to revitalize that space for new and existing local businesses.

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Xenia has used an “annual appropriation ordinance” as the final budget required under the city charter for the last several years.

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