City to take possession of Ramada Inn, include site in Xenia Towne Square project

The city of Xenia will take full possession of the Ramada Inn, one of only a few lodging options located in downtown Xenia, on Nov. 1, the city said Thursday, citing a string of fire code violations, and the hotel’s failure to renew their lease.

The city of Xenia has owned the land of the Ramada and the adjacent Xenia Towne Square since the historic 1974 tornado, and has had long-term land lease agreements with developers that built there.

City officials said Thursday that owner AK Group Hotels, Inc. has a land lease for the site that was not properly renewed in 2017, and has since been operating the Ramada Inn under a month-to-month lease.

Xenia City Council notified AK Group Hotels in December that that lease would be terminated as of July 1, according to a city statement, citing a “history of fire code violations and property maintenance issues,” as well as delinquent lease and tax payments.

AK Group Hotels declined to comment Thursday afternoon, saying they will prepare a full statement in the near future.

Xenia Municipal Court records show that on July 29, the city filed a complaint for eviction, and that in August, the parties came to an agreement that will allow the Ramada Inn to occupy the site and maintain operations until Oct. 31 in order to liquidate the business. Anything that is left onsite on Nov. 1 becomes city property, officials said.

The city is working with Dillin Property Group, the company spearheading the revitalization of Xenia Towne Square, to incorporate the space into the project.

The measure will “change the landscape of downtown and the Xenia Towne Square redevelopment project,” the city said Thursday, as the Ramada Inn is located at the corner of Main and Church Streets, at the southwest corner of the Xenia Towne Square property.

The property may “play a key role,” in the Towne Square project, according to city documents. The city is expected to approve an updated development services agreement with Dillin on Thursday night, and additional details will be released in the fall, the city said.

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