5 things to know about the coronavirus today: Alcohol curfew and cocktails to go



It is Thursday, Sept. 24, 2020, and these are 5 things to know about the coronavirus today.

Ohio’s bars ask formally to push back alcohol sales curfew

The Ohio Restaurant Association has formally asked for the state to push back the current 10 p.m.  curfew on alcohol sales to midnight, saying that the future of several businesses is at stake. In the letter to Gov. Mike DeWine, ORA President and CEO John Barker said the association’s survey show half of the state’s restaurant owners and operators don’t expect their businesses to last the year if conditions stay unchanged.

Cocktails to go may stay after the pandemic ends

Under a bill that passed the Ohio Senate on Wednesday, Ohioans will be allowed to continue to order cocktails to go with carryout food from a bar or restaurant, even after the pandemic ends. The provision was originally an emergency measure to help bars and restaurants hurry by the coronavirus shutdowns in the spring.

Travel advisory expanded to include five states, plus Mississippi, most likely

The state of Ohio updates its travel advisory information on a weekly basis, and this week announced that South Dakota, Idaho, Wisconsin, Iowa and Kansas all have sufficiently high enough rates of coronavirus positivity that anyone traveling from those states to Ohio should self-quarantine  for two weeks. Mississippi’s data was unavailable due to data problems, but based on trends the state would likely make the list as well.

Health order change to allow self-service food stations at groceries, gas stations

Gas stations and grocery stores will be allowed to reopen self-service food stations starting today after the Ohio Department of Health released an amended public health order. This order doesn’t affect restaurants, although buffers and salad bars can be allowed if an employee serves the food.

Ohio State Athletics projecting a loss of over $100M

Ohio State Athletics is projecting a loss of $107 million in revenue as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. This announcement comes a week after the Big Ten announced it would hold sports competitions this fall. OSU Director of Athletics Gene Smith said in a statement that the school is committed to making a safe academic and athletic experience, despite budget cuts.

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