Coronavirus: Ohioans advised against travel to 5 states, plus possibly Mississippi

The Ohio Department of Health has announced its weekly update to its Travel Advisory and asked anyone traveling into Ohio from five states self-quarantine, with the possible addition of Mississippi.

The updated advisory includes South Dakota, Idaho, Wisconsin, Iowa and Kansas, several of which have been on the list before.

In addition, the state said that there were data irregularities with the number of total tests reported from Arkansas and Mississippi, so they could not be definitively added or ruled out of the list. However, based on recent trends, the Ohio Department of Health said that Arkansas is likely to have a positivity rate under 15%, ruling it out, while Mississippi is likely to have positivity above that level, which would add it on to the list.

Those entering Ohio from Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota, Wisconsin and possibly Mississippi are advised to self-quarantine for 14 days, and the ODH recommended against traveling to them if possible.

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