Anti-Hillary pizza shop draws throngs after Dems’ call for boycott

A threatened boycott of Campioni's Pizzeria of Springboro over its anti-Hillary sign has so far had the opposite effect: throngs of customers are patronizing the restaurant to show their support, Campioni's co-owner Brandon Kaiser said this morning, Nov. 4.

“The place was packed out last night,” said Kaiser, who owns Campioni’s with his brother Austin. “We’re prepping for big crowds again today.”

Kaiser said he has gotten calls from as far away as Enon and Fairborn from people who told him they would drive to Springboro today to eat at the restaurant so they could show their support.

The owners’ decision to post an anti-Hillary-Clinton sign in front of the business that read, “Save Small Business — Lock Her Up” prompted a call for a boycott of the business by the local Democratic party.

"Vote with your wallet, folks, and boycott this business in Springboro," a post by the Warren County Democratic Party Facebook page urged its followers on Wednesday, Nov. 2. Several of the page's followers indicated they would indeed boycott the pizza place.

But Springboro is in northern Warren County, which is heavily Republican. GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney collected nearly 70 percent of the vote against incumbent president Barack Obama in 2012.

The sign has been changed, but its political bent is still evident — it now says, “Save small business — vote GOP,” Kaiser said.

The restaurant owners had already vigorously defended their action. After one Facebook member criticized the move and suggested that Clinton had been “found innocent,” the pizza shop responded with a reply that said, “She was not found innocent. The FBI has opened the investigation again. Hillary’s positions would hurt small businesses — this is why we felt the need to do this. I’m sorry you disagree.”

Another Facebook member posted on the restaurant’s page, “Why do businesses feel the need to do stupid stuff like this? … I hope you go out of business!” Another wrote, “This is ‘Big League’ bad for business and a black eye for Springboro. Bully tactics should never sit well with any community or its members, no matter what party affiliation.”

But another Facebook member praised the pizza restaurant: “Of course the Dems are so upset by your sign…. don’t worry, they probably weren’t supporting your local business anyway! I will continue to eat and support your local business!”

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